Welcome to Select Schooling

Welcome to Select Schooling’s Website. We are a Spain-based educational consultancy specialised in placing students in boarding schools in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the USA. We also offer academic services such as overseeing university applications and strive to meet all and any requirements of our clients.

Attending a boarding school is the best way to improve English language skills. Not only does it promote linguistic proficiency, but it also represents a unique educational experience contributing to academic, personal and cultural growth. Choosing the right boarding school can be a bewildering task – no two schools are the same, and every family has different requirements.

What makes Select Schooling special?

Our mission is to find you the best school!

At Select Schooling we offer a one-to-one service tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Whenever possible we arrange to meet families, and always assess each case on an individual basis. Only by finding out about our students’ strengths and interests can we make suitable recommendations and guarantee the best chance of acceptance at the best schools. Note that Select Schooling only works with leading boarding schools and takes pride in having visited all of them personally.

Select Schooling:

  • Offers impartial expert advice, helping find the best school for you and your family.
  • Takes care of the schools’ admissions process, and maintains regular contact with the schools.
  • Provides expert teachers to help students with entry exams or interviews.
  • Can recommend a guardianship company and/or an immigration consultancy.